Lunchtime Bites

**Menus are subject to change

The Silver Fox’s Light Lunchtime Bites

_MG_0626aHomemade Soup of the Day €4.95
Served with traditional homemade brown bread

Golden Fried Garlic Mushrooms €6.50
Crunchy Breaded Mushrooms infused with Garlic, accompanied by house salad and complimented by a homemade Garlic mayonnaise

Silver Fox Seafood Chowder €7.75
Selection of freshly caught seafood, served in a choice of a Rustic brown bread bowl or Chowder Crock, Served with traditional homemade brown bread

Cajun Chicken Salad €8.95
Grilled marinated breast of chicken, served atop of a bed of salad and drizzled with a Herb Mayonnaise

Golden Fried Wedges of mature Irish Brie €8.95
Freshly cut and coated in breadcrumbs, deep fried and placed on assorted greens with a fine cut Cumberland sauce

Jumbo Prawn and Smoked Salmon Cocktail €9.95
The Classic flavours of this dish are complimented with our homemade Marie rose sauce

Homemade Crab Spring Roll €11.95
Fresh crab meat, crammed and wrapped in a fine filo pastry deep fried to perfection and served with a quintessential sweet Thai chilli sauce

½ dozen of Natural Oysters €10.95
Enjoy some of our delicious and succulent Oysters, freshly opened by our experienced chef’s. Accompanied by a chunky lemon wedge and Spicy Tabasco Sauce and served on a bed of crushed ice.

Crock of Wexford Mussels €10.95                 
Cooked to perfection in a white wine and cream sauce served with our homemade brown bread

Duo of Tempura Prawns and Squid Ring €12.95

This potato wrapped shrimp and tender breaded squid rings are lightly fried until golden, served with a delightful sweet chilli sauce

_MG_0615aHot Kilmore Prawns & Kilmore Crab Claws €12.95                                                                          

Tossed in garlic butter and accompanied by our house salad

Silver Fox’s Tapas Platter {for two persons} €21.95
Homemade Fish Cake, Smoked Salmon, Breaded Squid Rings & Tempura Prawns

Silver Fox’s Penne Pasta Bolognaise €9.95
This all time favourite Italian dish is made from 100% Irish Mince Beef, Seasonal vegetables and a plum tomato and herb sauce, served on a bed of spaghetti pasta.

Open Brown Bread Duncannon Smoked Salmon Sandwich €10.95
Artfully arranged on our delicious homemade Brown Bread, these thinly slices of Irish Smoked Salmon are served with a simple green salad for a delicious, light lunch.

Traditional Fish and Homemade Chips €13.95
Cooked to order, this catch of the day dish is breaded with a fine breadcrumb and herb, deep fried till golden and crispy, and served with the freshest of Home cut chips with potatoes our local potato supplier.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich €13.95
The Ultimate Chicken Sandwich served between a crispy warm flour bap, served along side home a house dressing of Marie Rose sauce

Golden Fried Goujons of Monkfish €15.95
Prime fillets of monkfish, sliced into thick goujon strips, coated with a fine crisp breadcrumb, tossed salad & marie rose sauce

Grilled Breast of Chicken    €17.95      
Served with our secret recipe of our Red Wine Jus, making it a silky coating for the chicken, set on a bed of mash potatoes & vegetables         

Dublin Bay Scampi €19.95
This luscious dish of deep fried scampi is served with fresh homemade chips and house salad, accompanied by a homemade chunky tartar sauce

Panfried  Kilmore Plaice €19.95
Fillets of Plaice, seasoned with Salt and ground black pepper, lightly cooked and served on a bed of mashed potato and vegetables, perfectly pan fried accompanied by a delightful Caper butter

Fresh Fillet of Kilmore Quay Cod Chilli & Lime €21.95
This lean flaky white fish is pan fried served with a simple yet delicious Lemon Mayonnaise

_MG_0647aRichie Doyle’s 8oz Sirloin Wexford Steak €23.95
This steak offers great flavour and texture and once cooked to your liking will be accompanied with Saute Onions and Mushrooms, served with a sauce of your choice, Chips & Salad

Sizzling Tiger Prawns & Kilmore Quay Scallops €28.95                                                                 
 A favourite mix of locally caught sautéed scallops and tiger prawns, enhanced by a combination of flavours of saute Mushrooms and Onions


We would be delighted to cater for guests with any
food allergies or dietary requirements, please advise your server.


Early Bird menu served daily to 7pm and A La Carte & Children’s Menu available

All our Chicken & Beef are of Irish origin